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Restore Your Patio or Pool Deck with Rochester, NY

If your concrete patio, pool deck, walkway, porch, or driveway isn't in need of a major repair but still needs a little TLC to bring it back to life, CONCRETE DOC+ has what it takes to make your existing concrete look even better than it did when it was new. 

We Make Your Old Concrete Look Like New!



Whether your concrete has never been sealed or the original sealing has worn off over time, using our surface sealant service is the best way to protect your investment. Aside from being cost-effective, there are many benefits to having your concrete professionally sealed.

A concrete sealer will lock out moisture – thereby lessening the damage that comes from freezing and thawing which happens in the Rochester, NY, area. A sealant applied to concrete every few years will also help to prevent spalling (flaking, pitting, chipping, peeling), and staining. When the seal is applied it penetrates the surface of your concrete, but doesn't change its appearance. 

GM Sealing Stamped Concrete_edited.png



Over the years, if your concrete patio or pool deck has managed to attract every type of dirt, grime, and stain known to man, it may be time to call CONCRETE DOC+ to have it professionally cleaned with concrete power washing. Did you know that professional power washing cleans more thoroughly than most do-it-yourself systems? With our power washing services, we can make your concrete  

look like new again. Rely on CONCRETE DOC+ to remove dirt, rust stains, algae, mold, mildew, and more. 

Mayan cobblestone stamped concrete that has been resealed



If your existing stamped concrete color looks flat and uninteresting, CONCRETE DOC+ can refinish and restore your current accent color to its original vibrancy or apply a new accent color.  We use a water-based stain or dye (also known as antiquing), which settles into the crevices and depressions of your stamped pattern. This adds depth to your concrete and makes a unique design statement. We have many accent colors to choose from which CONCRETE DOC+ will show you at your initial visit.

closeup of a stamped concrete patio being powerwashed


Call CONCRETE DOC+ located at our Gruttadaurio Masonry offices for a free evaluation and estimate. 


Rochester, NY, Concrete Contractor Services

Stamped concrete resurfacing example

Stamped Concrete

Concrete resurfacing can make your outdoor living area like new without having to remove your concrete and rebuild it from the ground up. It’s also a lower priced alternative from doing a total tear out. Resurfacing is available in a variety of colors, finishes, textures, and patterns and will give a high-end decorative look to your outdoor spaces.

closeup of a concrete broom finishing techniqu

Textured Concrete Resurfacing

One option for resurfacing your worn concrete, is using a traditional broom finish, which is an economical alternative to using a stamped concrete refurfacing method. Another textured concrete resurfacing technique is to expose the aggregate that lies beneath the surface of your concrete. Our masons can explain all of your options. 

Heavily damaged concrete due to spalling

Concrete Spalling

Spalling is when the top layers of your concrete has been exposed to many freeze-thaw cycles. Our masons are skilled at repairing spalling and minor surface cracking. If the damage to your concrete is structural in nature, Gruttadaurio Masonry will be called in to create a brand new concrete outdoor area for your home.

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