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We work hard to be Rochester, NY's, top concrete repair service. We have a passion for fixing something old and worn, and making it a thing of beauty. Whether it's a concrete patio, pool deck, porch or walkway, our masons will artfully create something fresh and new. We begin by setting up a no-obligation onsite evaluation of your outdoor living area. Then we will make recommendations for treatment options, followed by a detailed estimate.


NOT APPLICABLE FOR STRUCTURAL CONCRETE ISSUES: Our cosmetic services may not be enough for large cracking and deterioration. For major structural and foundation issues, we will need to bring in team members from our parent company, Gruttadaurio Masonry. They are called in when significant damage has occurred. Once CONCRETE DOC+ has evaluated the damage to your concrete, a diagnosis will be made. We will then determine the best method for your individual needs. 

We Fix the Worn, the Sad, the Ugly

Concrete damage showing extreme spalling
Concrete that has deteriorated with chipping and surface damage.
broom finished concrete that is pitted

Rochester, NY, Concrete Spalling Repair Specialists 

Is the surface of your patio, pool deck, or walkway chipping, flaking, or pitting and looking like it's seen better days? We can fix it! These types of concrete issues are referred to in the concrete industry as spalling (a.k.a scaling). Spalling can occur on the surface of your concrete after it's been exposed to many freeze-thaw cycles. Why? Concrete is porous. It absorbs and holds moisture, which then freezes and expands, slowly chipping away at the top surface of your concrete. It's one of the most common types of issue that lead to calling a concrete repair contractor. And, if your concrete has not been sealed properly or is long overdue to be resealed, spalling can occur sooner than later.


Another reason that spalling occurs is if a concrete contractor did not prepare the concrete mix properly before pouring, or did not cure or finish the concrete properly — something that won't happen with CONCRETE DOC+.

Have you noticed hairline cracks in your concrete? They may be a bit unsightly, but no need to panic — they may not necessarily lead to bigger problems. CONCRETE DOC+ will inspect the cracks, and it they are minor and non-structural in nature, will fill them and add a protective sealant.


Call CONCRETE DOC+ located at our Gruttadaurio Masonry offices for a free evaluation and estimate. 


Rochester, NY, Concrete Contractor Services

Resurfaced stamped concrete with a majestic ashlar pattern

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete resurfacing maximizes the beauty and value of your property at a fraction of the cost of a total concrete pad replacement. Also known as decorative concrete, you can choose patterns and colors that can mimic the appearance of stone, wood, or brick. You can also choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

Closeup of a concrete surface being broom finished

Textured Concrete Resurfacing

In the past, it was common to paint worn, gray concrete in order to make it presentable. Resurfacing your concrete with a textured surface is a better way to make your patio, pool deck, or other outdoor living area look like new. It’s also more economical than using a stamped concrete technique or doing a total concrete replacement.

Surfaced cracked concrete as a candidate for restoration

Concrete Restoration
and Rejuvenation

If your existing concrete have minor cracks and chips, CONCRETE DOC+ artisans are experts at repairing those surface imperfections and saving your concrete. If the cracks are more structural in nature, a total replacement may be necessary. Our parent company—Gruttadaurio Masonry—will then be called in to get the job done.

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