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Concrete Contractor Services in Rochester, NY

Recolor, Reseal, Resurface, Restore Concrete 

CONCRETE DOC+ has the right Rx for whatever's ailing your concrete patio, pool deck, walkway, porch, garage floor, driveway, or any concrete outdoor living area. They're experienced, meticulous, and artists in their own rite. 

What if my concrete has structural issues?

There may be instances where your concrete has structural issues with large cracks and severe settlement. After our team at CONCRETE DOC+ does a thorough examination of your concrete, we will determine if it can be saved and made to look like new, or if replacement of your concrete is your best option. Our parent company, Gruttadaurio Masonry, concrete contractors in Rochester, NY, can then bring in the equipment and manpower needed to totally reimagine your patio, pool deck, or outdoor living area.

Not sure which service you'll need? CONTACT US and we'll make a house call. We'll evaluate your concrete and give you a diagnose free of charge! What DOC does that? We do.

Concrete Treatment Options

Orchard stone resurfaced stamped concrete


Does your aging concrete need a (sur)FACE LIFT? Don't replace, resurface with a stamped concrete overlay.


It's as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Choose a pattern

  • Select an integral base color 

  • Pick an accent color

majestic ashlar resurfaced stamped concrete


To restore its beauty, even concrete could use a procedure now and then.

  • Restore or add accent color

  • Concrete sealing and resealing

  • Pressure washing, removal  of  organic stains and rust

Resurfaced textured stamped concrete pool deck


When minor surgery is needed, remember...we make house calls.

  • Patch small hole and cracks

  • Correct non-structural deterioration

  • Repair surface flaking and chipping

Broom finished concrete resurfacing example


Looking for an economical – yet classic – way to give new life to your old concrete?

  • Broom finished concrete

  • Sponge finished concrete

  • Swirl finished concrete

sponge finished resurfaced concrete swimming pool deck example

HEY, DOC!  What if my concrete can't be saved?


Gruttadaurio Masonry logo

Even the best of doctors need to refer patients to a specialist now and then. If we can't revive your concrete, we call in the leader in concrete contractors in Rochester, NY — Gruttadaurio Masonry. View our website to see examples of concrete patios, pool decks, walkways, fire pits, and more. 

stamped Concrete patio with sitting wall
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