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Newly resurfaced concrete patio

CONCRETE DOC+ – Rochester, NY's Concrete Patio Resurfacing Experts

CONCRETE DOC+, a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry, is a fully licensed concrete contractor specializing in concrete resurfacing and restoration. With decades of experience under our belt, we have become the premier concrete resurfacing and restoration provider in Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas. Why? It's because we focus on the quality of our work, attention to detail, and our relationships with customers. Our concrete professionals are true artisans and skilled at taking your worn, pitted concrete patio, and creating a brand new attractive concrete surface that you can be proud of.


Why is concrete resurfacing trending these days? Here are the perks of resurfacing your concrete patio, including its walkways, fire pit areas, outdoor entertaining areas, and entryways:

  • DURABILITY - Concrete patio overlays are extremely durable, even after sustaining harsh winters. With proper installation by our Rochester, NY, concrete resurfacing specialists, your concrete patio will be able to stand up to a good deal of normal wear from outdoor furniture and foot traffic.

  • AESTHETICALLY PLEASING - There is a reason resurfacing concrete patios with a decorative overlay are so popular. Your concrete patio can be made to look like ashlar, flagstone, brick, and more, using a unique stamping process. You can also design your new concrete patio so that it complements your home's exterior by selecting a coordinating concrete base color, then applying an accent color to the surface for added interest and depth.

  • EASY MAINTENANCE - Our concrete patio resurfacing solutions require only simple surface cleaning. Resealing your resurfaced concrete patio is required only every few years to protect it from damage due to harsh weather and normal wear and tear.

  • AFFORDABILITY - If you compare the cost of tearing out your existing concrete patio and pouring a new bed—essentially starting from scratch—you'll discover that resurfacing is a big money saver.

Concrete Patio Resurfacing Methods

GM Broom Finish Banner.jpg
a series of three photos of stamped concrete resurfacing patterns

Stamped Concrete Patio Overlays

This overlay is placed on top of an existing slab and then stamped with the chosen pattern or design. Stamped concrete patio resurfacing can be done with mats or manually by hand. The aim is to make the surface of your patio flooring look like real stone, brick, wood, or other high-end materials. The mimicry can be made more realistic looking with the use of accent colors that are applied to the surface. LEARN MORE

Textured Concrete Patio Overlays

Textured concrete finishes have been the classic standard for patio installations for decades. There's a few good reasons why. It adds beauty, traction, and is cost effective. Colored concrete options can be incorporated with a textured concrete overlay, as well, to match your home's existing colors. There are several types of textures to consider for your resurfaced concrete patio. LEARN MORE


Adding a broom finish to a concrete patio may seem like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it takes an experienced hand to run consistent pressure across the concrete surface and to finish around tough angles and end joints. Before a broom can be used, the wet cement must be troweled to a smooth surface. You can also choose to have our concrete masons create a sponge finish, which is actually just as it sounds. A texture is created by hand-sponging on the surface of wet concrete. The result of any type of textured concrete overly is great traction and a classic concrete finish.

The professional concrete resurfacing specialists at CONCRETE DOC+ can help you determine what type of concrete patio overlay is best for you and your situation.  

Is Your Concrete a Good Candidate for Patio Resurfacing?

Before we install any type of concrete overlay, your patio will need to be evaluated by the resurfacing specialists at CONCRETE DOC+ to learn if it is a good candidate. If there are no major cracks or foundation issues, most likely we'll be able to resurfacing it and make your concrete patio look like new.


First we'll start by repairing any minor surface cracks. We'll clean it thoroughly, then apply new concrete to the surface. Finally we finish it either by using a stamp or by texturizing it. Finally, we'll seal the resurfaced concrete to protect it from stains, mold, harsh environmental elements, chemicals, and more. 



Call CONCRETE DOC+ which is located at our Gruttadaurio Masonry offices. Our masonry contractors will give your existing concrete an evaluation and estimate. 

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