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Stamped Concrete overlay with fire pit and pool deck

CONCRETE DOC+ — Rochester, NY, Concrete Swimming Pool Deck Resurfacing Specialists

It takes expertise, imagination, and artistry to resurface a quality-finished, and beautifully crafted in-ground swimming pool deck. This is why discerning homeowners and professional pool contractors in the Rochester, NY, area trust CONCRETE DOC+We service both residential and commercial locations in the Rochester, NY, area, specializing in resurfacing swimming pool decks, patios, entryways, driveways, and other concrete surfaces. 


Our concrete masons will resurface your concrete swimming pool deck with either a textured stamped concrete finish, a classic broom finish, a textured sponge finish, or a salt finish—all designed for extra traction in wet surface areas. These resurfacing options are ideal for fixing concrete with surface damage, non-structural cracks, pitting, scaling, and discoloration. 

Concrete Pool Deck Photo Gallery

Why Choose Our Rochester, NY, Pool Deck Resurfacing Company?

  • WE KNOW OUR STUFF - We at CONCRETE DOC+ know how important it is to resurface Rochester, NY, concrete pool decks with the proper method. Not all types of resurfacing finishes are ideal for the harsh winters and freeze-thaw cycles that we experience in New York.


  • AESTHETICS ARE IMPORTANT - We also understand that concrete pool decks act as a decorative frame around or beside your in-ground swimming pool, so it has to be installed with artistry and attention to detail. Your concrete swimming pool deck also that sets the tone and atmosphere for lounging and entertaining. Our resurfacing masons are masters at creating stunning pool decks that you can be proud of. That's why, even in-ground swimming pool installers call on us to install their customers' concrete pool decks.

  • WE OFFER AN AFFORDABLE SOLUTION - When concrete is exposed to water splashing from your swimming pool, it can weaken the concrete due to concrete's porous nature. Once damage starts to appear, you can decide to, (1) live with an unsightly pool deck that does not feel good while walking on bare feet, (2) you can tear it out and replace it with a totally new one, which is not only time-consuming, but quite an expense, or (3) take a much more efficient and cost-effective approach and have it resurfaced by CONCRETE DOC+. As a premier Rochester, NY, concrete resurfacing contractor, we want to make sure that you have affordable options that do not compromise quality. 


A Evaluation is Needed Before You Start

Before you move forward with your swimming pool deck resurfacing project, it will be necessary to have an evaluation of your concrete pool deck to determine if is a good candidate. If your existing concrete has any deep cracks or crevices, or the foundation is not stable, you will most likely need a totally new concrete pool deck installed. This would include a removal of your old concrete and a brand new concrete surface created. Our parent company, Gruttadaurio Masonry, would be called in to provide you with an estimate for a new swimming pool deck installation.


Call CONCRETE DOC+ which is located at our Gruttadaurio Masonry offices. Our masonry contractors will give your existing concrete an evaluation and estimate. 

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