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Textured Concrete Resurfacing in Rochester, NY

Classic textured concrete has been used for sidewalks and outdoor living spaces for decades – and for several good reasons. Its texture give heavily-trafficked outdoor areas traction and grip for safety. The process for all textured concrete surfaces is basically the same, except for how the surface is finished. First the concrete is cleaned and any remaining worn sealer is removed. Then the surface of the concrete is repaired if necessary, a thin concrete overlay is applied, and the desired texture is applied, The last step of the textured concrete resurfacing process is to protect it from stains, mold, and surface deterioration using a sealer. Below we've listed several concrete textures to choose from.

Option 1


closeup of broom finish resurfaced concrete

Broom Finish Concrete Resurfacing Contractors in Rochester, NY

There's a reason why people still love the classics, and it's no different with concrete. Traditional broom finished concrete is a timeless, practical, and the most cost-effective concrete resurfacing option. First we'll throughly clean your existing concrete, lay down a primer, then pour the overlay. Next, we'll use a wooden broom to drag the bristles across the surface of the concrete, while it's still wet. This will leave small ridges on the concrete surface that will provide traction control and slip resistance. After your concrete has cured, we will then apply a protective sealant.

Option 2


closeup of sponge finsihed concrete swimming pool deck

Sponge Finish Concrete Resurfacing Contractors in Rochester, NY 

This technique is exactly like it sounds. We prepare the concrete for texturing then pat the wet surface by hand with sponge to create a uniform, textured design. As in other textured concrete, sponge finished concrete provides traction making it ideal for areas around a pool, as well as heavy traffic areas.


Call CONCRETE DOC+ located at our Gruttadaurio Masonry offices for a free evaluation and estimate. 


Rochester, NY, Concrete Contractor Services

closeup of resurfaced concrete in a wood plank design

Stamped Concrete Resurfacing

Restore the beauty of your concrete patio or outdoor living area with our professional concrete resurfacing service. Concrete resurfacing in Rochester, NY, is popular due to our harsh winters. Our masons concrete will make your concrete look like new—whether you want your concrete to resemble wood or stone.

a person in boots powerwashing a sidewalk

Concrete Restoration
and Rejuvenation

Our concrete restoration services includes professional power washing. Our masons work diligently to remove dirt, grime, stains, mildew, rust, and more from your outdoor concrete areas. Maintaining a clean concrete surface will help to protect your investment and create a fresh, new look to your patio, pool deck, and more.

closeup of old, pitted concrete with spalling damage

Concrete Spalling

When concrete starts to flake and chip, this is called spalling. It's a common problem in the Rochester, NY, area due to the freeze-thaw cycles that we experience. First we'll determine how extensive the damage is. If the spalling is cosmetic, we can fix the issues. If the damage is too extensive, resurfacing  would be your next course of action.

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