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Textured concrete swimming pool deck with a pineapple pool float in the water

...what if my old, worn, concrete patio or pool deck can't be saved?"
Then, it's time to call on our parent company, Gruttadaurio Masonry.

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Premier Rochester, NY, Concrete Contractor for New PATIO and POOL Deck Installations

When your concrete is too damaged, cracked, or the foundation is no longer able to support your concrete, then CONCRETE DOC+'s parent company, Gruttadaurio Masonry, will be called in to install a brand new concrete pad. Gruttadaurio Masonry is a fully licensed concrete contractor specializing in concrete patios, pool decks, and other outdoor living areas. With decades of experience, their masons have built a reputation for quality, artistry, integrity, and excellent customer relations. A CONCRETE DOC+ team member will be able to determine if your existing concrete can be saved or if calling upon Gruttadaurio Masonry would be your best option for acquiring the concrete patio or pool deck of your dreams.

Concrete Patio Contractors in Rochester, NY

Stamped concrete patio and pool deck with wrought iron fence and wooden pergola

Custom Concrete Patio and Pool Deck

Creating Stunning Stamped Concrete Patios

Choose the premier stamped concrete patio contractor in Rochester, NY, to create the outdoor living area that you've always dreamed of. Our masonry contractors are known for putting old-world artistry into every project. Our patio masonry services include:


Visit the Gruttadaurio Masonry's website: or call us at (315) 310-7193.

#1 Concrete POOL DECK Contractor in Rochester, NY

stamped concrete swimming pool deck and natural stone boulder diving rock

Concrete Swimming
Pool Decks

Pool Deck Contractors Specializing in Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Swimming Pool Deck Contractors Rochester, NY

All concrete swimming pool contractors are not created equal and hiring an inferior concrete contractor can result in negative results. Gruttadaurio Masonry goes above and beyond to ensure that your stamped concrete swimming pool deck is nothing short of impeccable.

Expert Concrete Stamping, Artistic Finishing – When creating a stamped concrete pool deck, it’s vital to hit the stamps with a tamper evenly and in multiple places to create a clean impression. Poor impressions can occur when the concrete has cured too long and becomes too hard to stamp properly. The concrete masons at Gruttadaurio Masonry work quickly and efficiently to prevent poor impressions from happening. Our concrete finishers use their artistry when they need to stamp in a small space where the entire stamp will not fit. They make the pattern by hand using special tools, which takes a special artistic skill. Our masons are also experts in placing stamps in different orientations, when the finished look is meant to look random.

Textured Concrete Swimming Pool Decks

Textured concrete finishes have been used for swimming pool decks for many years. It's a classic look that not only adds beauty, but also provides traction when it becomes wet. You can select either a classic broom finish or a sponged finish. Adding a broom finish to concrete is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a skillful hand to use consistent pressure across the wet concrete and also to do a professional looking finish around angles and end joints. A sponged surface technique adds interest and texture for a classic look, while also providing necessary traction for when the concrete gets wet. 

The professional concrete pool deck masons at Gruttadaurio Masonry will help you design your pool deck and recommend what type of textured finish would work best for your pool area. 


Call CONCRETE DOC+ or Gruttadaurio Masonry. We're here to meet all of your concrete needs. 

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