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"Hey Doc...Is our concrete fixable?"

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This is a typical concrete surface from the 70s that has seen better days. Look familiar? You could tell it once had a traditional broom-finish because you can faintly see the old line

Due to wear and tear and exposure to the elements over the years, it's pitted, worn, and you can see that some of the aggregate is now exposed. This is actually a common question we get asked often since many people with older homes want a fresh new look, but don't have a large budget to do a total tear out and start from scratch.

Not Just Unsightly

When your original concrete texture has worn out over the years, it doesn't just lose its aesthetics. It's also a safety hazard. Texture is applied to concrete for a practical reason, as well as to add visual interest. It helps with traction and grip to help your footing as you walk on concrete that's become wet and slippery.

Don't Write Your Old Concrete Off Just Yet

The big question is, can CONCRETE DOC+ actually fix this type of concrete that's had years of pitting and deterioration and make it look like new again? As long as there are no structural issues and there isn't major cracking, the answer is ABSOLUTELY! We recently resurfaced the sidewalk below that looked just as worn and deteriorated as our sample photo.

First we removed traces of the existing sealer that was on the concrete. Then we thoroughly cleaned the surface, primed it, applied a fine concrete overlay, and created the textured surface using a wide broom. After the concrete cured, we applied a sealer to protect it. Below is the finished product.

Not sure if your concrete sidewalk, patio, pool deck, or driveway is too far gone for CONCRETE DOC+ to repair or resurface? Just give us a call. The fine people at Gruttadaurio Masonry's main office will set up a time for us to visit your home and check out your concrete. We'll assess the damage, make recommendations, then provide you with a detailed estimate.


Use our contact form to connect with us, or call us at Gruttadaurio Masonry's main office to schedule a CONCRETE DOC+ appointment.

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