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"Hey Doc, why do I need to reseal my stamped concrete?"

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The CONCRETE DOC+ hears this question often. Over time, the original sealer that was applied to your stamped concrete will begin to lose its effectiveness due to many things that can occur. Freeze and thaw cycles in the winter, overall exposure to sun and the elements, everyday wear from surface traffic, or damage due to harsh chemicals spills can all damage your stamped concrete over time. Resealing every few years is necessary to protect your investment. Think of resealing like waxing your car, or spraying ScotchgardTM on your furniture…both meant to protect surface damage. We want to help preserve the beauty and overall life of your stamped concrete patio, pool deck, entryway, and outdoor living areas.

This is why we’ve prepared the following list for you:

#1 – Sealing/resealing will enhance the beauty of your stamped concrete.

If you’ve already invested in having a stamped concrete outdoor living space, you’ve spent time choosing just the right stamp pattern, base color, and accent color. You loved the outcome, but after they applied the sealer, you noticed that it made your stamped concrete come alive with color, texture, and depth. You were thrilled with the difference the sealer made to the overall beauty of your stamped concrete project. But, after a few years, your concrete’s appearance may dull due to many factors. You can experience that thrill of seeing your finished concrete for the first time by having CONCRETE DOC+, a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry, reseal your concrete surfaces every few years to make it look like new again.

#2 – Sealing/resealing helps protect and preserve your stamped concrete.


If you live in an area that experiences extreme color in the winter – like the winters we experience in Upstate New York, sealing and resealing your stamped concrete patio, pool deck, or other outdoor living areas, is necessary to reduce the chance of freeze and thaw damage. Freeze and thaw damage can occur can occur and may cause surface flaking and/or minor cracks. This is due to water that might penetrate the concrete surface, then expands as it freezes. Proper sealing will keep water from sinking into your concrete that can cause this type of damage.


Cold weather conditions are not the only thing that could harm your stamped concrete investment. Sealing and resealing can also prevent color fading caused by the UV rays of the sun during warm weather seasons.

#3Stains will not have a chance with proper resealing!

Protection against stains is another reason why resealing your stamped concrete outdoor living area is necessary. Your stamped patio, walkway or pool deck will be subjected to many things that can leave stains on the surface such as salt, leaves, dirt, fertilizer, pet urine, chlorine, and spills from high-pigment liquids like red wine. Using the right sealer applied by a quality concrete contractor, will help keep stains from penetrating the surface of the concrete and leaving an unsightly stain.


You’ve already made the choice to invest in the beauty and durability of stamped concrete for your patio, pool deck, or outdoor living space. Resealing those areas every few years should be a priority to protect your investment. Calling upon a quality stamped concrete contractor like CONCRETE DOC+, a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry to reseal your outdoor living spaces should be your very next step. Call our main office at (315) 310-7193 to get a quote. You’ll be glad you did!

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