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"HEY DOC...Can you repair my worn, painted concrete?"

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Sandra S. from Rochester


Here's a closeup of a customer's concrete patio that was probably poured in the 70's and had been painted over by previous owners of the property. You can see how the surface has deteriorated over the years due to spalling from the elements, freeze-thaw cycles, and decades of usage with no sealing or maintenance.

The homeowner's budget didn't call for a total tear out and replacement of her patio, so she turned to CONCRETE DOC+ for help.


The homeowner looked at all the options for restoring her concrete patio, and after reviewing our stamped concrete patterns and color charts, she decided to have CONCRETE DOC+ resurface it with a stamped concrete overlay. What started out as a worn, deteriorated painted concrete patio ended up looking spectacular.

She chose our Majestic Ashlar concrete pattern and a gull gray integral concrete color. Then we applied a deep charcoal accent color over the top to add depth and drama. A protective sealer was applied and below is the finished product.

Why Stamped Concrete?

This homeowner could have chosen a more cost effective broom-finished overlay to bring her concrete patio back to life, but the family had recently installed new vinyl siding on their home and they wanted a patio that looked as good as their house did. Also, they fell in love with all the patterns and color choices so chose to have us resurface her patio with a stamped concrete overlay.

From our client:

"I'm so excited to have backyard parties and barbecues now that I'm not embarrassed by the old concrete that was there before. It was an eyesore. Now, it's fresh, and upscale."

If you're contemplating upgrading your concrete with a fresh, new stamped concrete overlay or if you just want it refreshed with a new textured broom-finished, contact us at CONCRETE DOC+. We'll make a house call and discuss all of your treatment options.


Call us at Gruttadaurio Masonry's main office to schedule a CONCRETE DOC+ appointment.

CALL (315) 310-7193

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