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Tell-tale Signs that It’s Time to Reseal

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Humorous man making a face looking confused and stamped concrete that has been resealed with a water drop

Part of your maintaining your stamped concrete patio, pool deck, or outdoor living area, is giving is a good cleaning from time to time. But, if you find your concrete isn’t looking as shiny and new as it did several years ago, even after you’ve cleaned it really well, it might be time to reseal.

So how can you tell if your concrete needs to be resealed? We usually tell our customers that your concrete should be resealed every few years. But the truth is, the frequency will depend on whether or not it’s been exposed to extreme weather conditions, what kind of traffic it’s been subjected to, how much wear and tear it’s had, or whether or not it’s been exposed to harsh chemicals. Here are several other ways you can tell that it might be time to reseal.

Test the Waters

A sealer is a protectant that prevents water from penetrating the surface of your stamped concrete. One way to determine if it’s time to reseal is to drop some water on your concrete surface. The water should bead up if your sealer is still holding up well. If the water is absorbed into the surface, it’s time to reseal.

close up of water drops on top of a sealed concrete surface

It All Depends on How You Look At It

Take a look at the surface of your stamped concrete at an angle. If the surface has some sheen, then your sealer is probably still doing its job. If the surface is fairly dull with no sheen at all, it’s time to reseal.

close up of a stamped concrete walkway that has been sealed

Looking a Little Rough Lately?

If you notice that your stamped concrete is starting to look off-white or slightly gray, it means that the sealer has worn off and has lost its effectiveness. If this is the case, you guessed it. It’s time to reseal.

Brown wood plank stamped concrete


We regularly reseal concrete projects that we completed for our customers every few years, but we also will work with new customers and reseal their patios, walkways, and pool decks – even though they’ve been built by another contractor. One thing is for sure, CONCRETE DOC+ will make your stamped concrete outdoor living area look like new!

CONCRETE DOC+ does so much more than just resealing. Services also include resurfacing, accent color application, restoring surfacing spauling, pressure washing, and overall rejuvenation of your stamped concrete.

Call CONCRETE DOC+ today at our parent company’s office – Gruttadaurio Masonry – at (315) 310-7193 to receive a complimentary consultation.

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