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Why Resurface Your Patio with Stamped Concrete?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Stamped concrete fire it with red patio chairs, concrete steps, upper level patio and natural boulder rock landscapin

On cold winter days, you may be daydreaming of spring and summer and being outdoors enjoying your backyard. But, it's never too soon to start researching your options for upgrading your worn out concrete patio, walkway, or entryway. This article will show you the benefits of using stamped concrete resurfacing after the snow melts. Resurfacing with stamped concrete can transform your property into the ultimate outdoor living space for relaxing with friends and family. A stamped concrete overlay will fix minor cracking and add strength and durability to your patio surface. And, not only would also be creating a great outdoor space for socializing, you'd also be making a good investment in your home since it will increase the value of your property.

What is a stamped concrete overlay?

Stamped concrete overlay is a resurfacing method that has been embossed with a pattern using a stamping tool. Applying a stamped concrete overlay to your existing worn concrete patio, walkway, pool deck, driveway, or entryway will give it new life. CONCRETE DOC+ can create a totally new look for you outdoor living space without doing a total tear out, as long as there are no deep cracks or structural issues.

Resurfaced stamped concrete patio

BENEFITS of Resurfacing with Stamped Concrete

Amazing Curb Appeal with Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete resurfacing offers a high-end look at a lower cost than natural stone or traditional pavers. Your stamped concrete outdoor living area will catch the eye of all who come to visit because of the various colors and textures combinations you can create.

Stamped Concrete is Extremely Durable

Your stamped concrete outdoor living space will look beautiful and hold up well for many years because of its durability. As long as you make sure to reseal it ever few years, your stamped concrete surface can withstand heavy traffic, the weight of outdoor furniture, and constant use without showing wear and tear.

Design Versatility of Stamped Concrete is Incredible

With stamped concrete resurfacing, your outdoor living area can mimic a wide variety of materials and textures like brick, natural stone, or even wood planks. It’s all possible at an affordable price. You can also mix and match colors and patterns and add accent stains for a truly unique look. You can also match any home exterior or landscaping color scheme for a coordinated designer look.

stamped concrete walkway and patio with furniture and stone retaining wall

Installs Quickly

A stamped concrete patio is much faster to construct than a paver or natural stone patio because it takes less labor. This means you won’t have to wait too long to start enjoying your new concrete patio.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Although stamped concrete look luxurious, it actually low-maintenance and relatively easy to take care of. Stamped concrete is less work to maintain than concrete pavers, since pavers tend to work loose and shift over time, resulting in a surface that needs to be re-leveled. Installing stamped concrete also eliminates the problem of weeds poking through the joints as what happens which pavers, since it’s one continuous concrete slab. Cleaning the surface involves sweeping and hosing it down. All you’ll need to do is reseal it every few years to keep it looking new and protect it from harsh weather and staining.

Cost-Effective Compared to Other Paving Options

In addition to being low-maintenance, durable, and stylish, stamped concrete is also cost-effective since it’s much more affordable than using materials like brick, flagstone and other natural stones that homeowners select for visual appeal, yet stamped concrete looks just as attractive. Therefore, stamped concrete is a great choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

Resurfaced stamped concrete patio and entryway with brick house


Stamped concrete resurfacing is a beautiful – yet affordable way to give your outdoor living space an incredible transformation. And, it's durability will allow your patio, pool deck, or other outside gathering areas to look amazing for many years to come. Choosing a quality Stamped concrete resurfacing masonry contractor is vital. That’s why your next step should be to contact the CONCRETE DOC+. Spring construction slots fill up quickly, so CONTACT US via email today or give us a call at our parent company, Gruttadaurio Masonry at 315-310-7193.

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