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Resurfacing Your Concrete Patio? Finishes to Consider!

Example of three types of stamped concrete patio surfaces

What Type of Concrete Patio Finish Will You Choose?

CONCRETE DOC+, serving the Greater Rochester, NY, area offers many choices for concrete patio resurfacing. You can choose from realistic stone looks, textured surfaces, wood, and more. If choosing a surface design for your patio seems like a difficult task, let our concrete resurfacing experts help you choose a pattern or texture, integral base color, and/or accent color. Our design services are free and so are our assessment visits and estimates. Whether you’re resurfacing an outdated or worn concrete patio, a concrete pool deck that needs some TLC, or if you're considering to have our parent company, Gruttadaurio Masonry, install a new one, you’ll need to know what options are available to you.

Photo of a tan stamped concrete patio that has been resurfaced


1. Hand-Textured Concrete Patio Resurfacing

Classic hand-textured concrete has been used for concrete patio resurfacing and other outdoor living areas for many years. The most commonly-used textures include broom, sponge, and exposed aggregate finishes (that latter offered in various degrees of coarseness and textures). As a matter of fact, traditional hand-textured concrete has been the preferred finish for concrete pool decks and surrounds due to the traction it offers on wet surfaces.

Hand-Textured Concrete Examples

Four examples of hand-textured concrete patio resurfacing

Patio and patio furniture sitting on a broom finished tan concrete patio

2. Resurfacing with Stamped Concrete Textures

If you prefer realistic-looking concrete patio resurfacing that does not have a distinct pattern, you can choose from many decorative stamped concrete textures. Stamped textures are ideal for patios if you're looking for a concrete surface without a distinct pattern. These stamp-created textures mimic natural materials such as slate and stone but at a fraction of the cost of using the actual materials it resembles.

Stamp-Textured Concrete Examples

Four examples of stamp-textured concrete patio surfaces

Gray stamped concrete textured patio example

3. Stamped Concrete Patterns (a.k.a. Decorative Concrete)

Today, a very popular concrete technique used for patio and outdoor living area resurfacing is stamped concrete, which is also known as decorative concrete. It can mimic materials like natural slate, stone, and wood at a more economical price than using the real thing. Not only do stamped concrete patios look stunning and can elevate any patio area, they are easier to maintain than wooden decks or pavers. Resurfacing your patio with stamped concrete also gives you a great deal of design customization.

Examples of Stamped Concrete Patterns

Twelve stamped concrete patio patterns


Concrete Base Colors

Choosing colors for your concrete patio resurfacing project can be a creative and enjoyable process. You can choose to color your patio with one of CONCRETE DOC+'s integral base colors. Integral concrete colors used pigments that are mixed into the wet concrete before it's poured. Patios resurfaced using integral colors are durable since the color runs all the way through the concrete. The color will also not flake or chip. If you choose to use a patterned stamped surface, adding an accent top coat (also known as antiquing) will give a more realistic look to your patio surface. Read on to learn more about accent colors.

Twenty-four colors representing integral concrete integral patio resurfacing samples

Accent Colors (a.k.a. Antiquing)

Accent colors are typically used for stamped concrete patio resurfacing and are also known as antiquing. The colors are water-based and are applied to the surface of your concrete after is has dried. They are translucent in nature and allow the base color to show through giving a stunning look to your patio surface. Accent colors settle into the nooks and crannies of the concrete patterned surface and adds depth, interest, and realism.

Fourteen color examples representing concrete accent colors

Ready to Get Started?

The CONCRETE DOC+ is ready to resurface your old, worn concrete to create the patio or outdoor living space of your dreams. There is no charge to have our professionals come to your home to assess your existing patio, provide design recommendation, and give you a detailed estimate. So, why wait? Give our parent company's office a call at (315) 310-7193 or contact us via email.

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